Why You Lose Your Hair?

Some people think that when they grow older, they don’t have to pay attention to their appearance. They don’t care when their skin gets wrinkled, eye sights get worse or even when the hair turns grey.

You can’t just go ugly from beautiful. Even though you’re a man or a woman, you have to pay attention to your beauty. Even though you are old or not, you just have to maintain your appearance because they say beauty never gets old.

Most of the time people whine about hair loss. We can see with the time, most of the men have become bald not because of the age but due to some other reasons. The important thing is, you have to care for your hair. You can’t do whatever you want with it because hair can be damaged easily.

Losing hair – Heredity

Most people lose the hair because of the heredity. This is an inevitable scenario. You can control this condition but you can’t stop. This is known as male/female pattern baldness. There is no age limit to lose hair from the heredity. As a result of this, your hair will be thin, soft and short. However, as a remedy for the male pattern baldness, they use hair transplant in Melbourne.

At present this has a higher demand in the world. Hair transplant means moving a hair follicle from the “donor site” to the “recipient site”

Changes occurred in Hormones.

This will lose your hair at different stages in your life. For example, there’s a higher percentage that a pregnant mother loses her hair more than a normal person. This occurs when your hormones change. And in childbirth also, there’s higher probability to lose your hair. Moreover, if someone is in a hair-pulling disorder, he or she loses a great number of hairs. This is called as “trichotillomania”, which happens most of the time due to the stress. Look here for better information regarding hair treatment.

Strong medications

This is another way of losing your hair. Cancer, arthritis, heart disease, depression and high blood pressure patients are vulnerable for this condition. Due to strong medicines and also due to exposure of your head to radiation therapy you will lose your hair.

Hairstyles and Harmful Treatments

Girls and sometimes boys also follow harmful hairstyles which make their hair less. They iron, rebond, straight or curl their hair. These cause severe damages to the natural hair which can’t be fixed again. Following these kinds of styles can cause a condition called traction alopecia. Therefore, before you follow the trend, just stop and think whether this is going to bring cons for your life.